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X men pietro and x 23 dating fanfiction

He gave his daughter a nod of reassurance that everything would be okay. come give mommy a hug."The little girl walked towards her mother and Laura held her tight in her arms on her lap.

Laura took a deep breath and shakenly began to speak."F-for the past few nights I've been having nightmares of my past. Sarah rested her head on her mothers chest and closed her eyes.

Nightmares of what she's done, losing her mother all over again, and the pain. Memories of what The Facility did to her, all the experiments that they did to her.

Last night was night of fighting the demons she kept fighting back everyday.

Peter sat next to her and held her tight as she cried, Logan and Aunt May sat in scilence as all of Laura's frustration and sadness let out. I don't think I can protect any of you."Logan looked at his daughter and with a smirk he said, "Darlin, if there's one thing we know is that you have a family and a lotta friends that would die protecting Sarah.

Once Laura began to settle down Aunt May spoke up."Laura sweetie, please tell us bothering you dear. Peter was practically frantic when he called me."The young Wolverine looked at her dad with a look of worry. As for protecting us you got webs over hear and you got me.."Peter ran his fingers through his wife's hair whispering, "you don't have to do this alone Laura."Suddenly a tired and half-awake five year old girl came into the living room."Why is mommy sad? Laura smiled through red eyes, "Mommy's okay now sweetie….

" he said with a laugh Laura sighed, She really didn't want Peter to see through her disguise. When she heard the familiar thwip and a web hitting her back side she turned around only to be pulled into a kiss by Peter."Hello Mrs.

Parker" he said with a grin his mask only covering his eyes now."you're an idiot , but your my idiot."Once Peter was in civilian clothes him and Laura sat at their usual table.

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Laura slowly got out of bad, opening the door there was her daughter Sarah in her pj's and her black hair in a ponytail. "Laura smiled as she set the plate of pancakes in front of her daughter kissing her forehead before resting against the wall with the phone to her ear. Sarah's starting school tomorrow, and Peter's running his multi-million-dollar business." She got a chuckle from the old man which gave her a small smile."I just wanted to make sure everything was alright with my little girl I'm out on a job in Alberta and don't know when ill be back….