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Liberal feminists see sex work as a source of power where the women have some power over men and get paid for it.In any case, two issues are generally true: Because of the stigma society gives to sex workers, many of them, even if they’re proud of what they do, lie about it and cover it up to their mainstream friends and relatives.To learn about human nature at its basest level is a valuable lesson that very few women get until and unless they get newly divorced at middle-age and have to face the real world for the first time.I enjoyed reading books like You’ll Never Work in this Town Again; Sex Work: Writings by Women in the Sex Industry; The Happy Hooker; Pandering and others. It gives you an insight into how base and basic human relations are in their core level.Some, like the radical feminists and the religious right, say it’s sexual slavery and demeaning towards women, a reflection of a society where men are dominant and use women to serve their sexual ends with a sense of entitlement.Others, like the liberal feminists and many of the women actually in the sex business, like the work and say it’s freeing because they’re in control of their own destiny while doing a positive service by helping men in the sex department and often in the mental health department as many of them say, acting as counselors to a bunch of lonely, stressed-out tense men who happen to be successful enough to hire a hooker. Society should get off this judgmental kick and leave people alone who want to sell sexual services.For a basic exchange of money for sex, it’s amazing how instantly intimate and degrading men get, taking what I perceive to be extreme liberties with the women but at the same time, the women go along. The funny thing is that after the guys get what they want, to get their rocks off so to speak, they often become gentleman, thank the girl, tip her and even befriend her in some cases.At the same time, many of these girls are inwardly contemptuous of these men but play along with his fantasy for the money.

Radical feminists see all sex work as demeaning to women.

A lot of sex workers get personally involved with their clients and even marry some of them. The sex workers I’ve met were mostly fairly normal people. Her sessions were always at least two hours long, with a massage, conversation, etc.

She saw herself as a healer and psychologist all in one.

It is a wealth of experience in life for anyone curious in that respect. Some women and men will have all good experiences or at least no extremely bad ones like rape or violence while others will become jaded, eventually seeing all men as a bunch of cheating dogs, possibly getting beat up by some of them and getting ripped off but there are ways around this if you run a good business.

Any streetwise whore will tell you there are good times and bad times, the unfortunate thing being that the bad times could be rape, abuse and even murder.

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Money is one of the biggest attractions of the sex business but it can be scary, especially if you are working on the street.

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