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From the latest video East has released, it might look like it! East has been unpredictable over the years as anybody following his life would know.He has been seen with other women in the last few years like R&B diva Christina Milian, Bernice Burgos, and huge R&B star Mya, to name just a few. According to sources, he has been seen with Mya a lot in the last few months and could very well be dating her.Kairi Chanel was staying with her father at that time.Colon had even called the police once, claiming that East was on drugs and a gang member.Some time back, he was rumored to be involved with a sexy white woman who supposedly had the “biggest butt” that any woman could have.And it was natural with surgeons having nothing to do with it.Now, East has released a video in which he is frolicking with his baby mama, Milagrito Colon!

So, what’s with this new found love that East has for Colon? Both of her parents decided to set aside their differences and be there for their daughter’s second birthday.The rapper, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, was smitten with Silvera, but their fling apparently ended with the reality show. “He was always busy and always working on his album,” she said.Silvera, a native of Kingston, Jamaica, sat down with VH1 for an exclusive interview Thursday and didn’t have the best news. “It’s such a crazy lifestyle, and if you’re not accustomed to a lifestyle like that it’s just impossible to understand.East even released a video where he is seen in a hotel sitting next to Colon smoking dope.Colon is wearing a tiny bikini and looking very happy while enjoying her drink.

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When a fan accused The Game of picking Mae over Silvera on Instagram, the rapper lashed out.