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Who is lloyd dating

When Lloyd was about to go off to Chen's Island with his friends to find Zane, Garmadon tried to stop him but joined him on his journey.It was there that Lloyd learned some shocking details about his father's past, namely that Chen was his master and his father had signed a love letter that written by his uncle which caused his mother to fall in love with him.

He looked sad when seeing the picture between him and his father and despite being furious when his father destroyed it, he still couldn't throw the picture away and returned it to its place gently and stared at it once again sadly.

During Season 8: Sons of Garmadon, Lloyd learned that that a criminal organization intended to resurrect his father but as his villainous self.

This caused him to feel conflicted over seeing his father again but dealing with a threat to everyone.

Lloyd soon suddenly realizes that if Garmadon was fueled by the fight then he must stop fighting in order to defeat him.

He manages to resist his father long enough for the latter to lose his power and for Lloyd to regain his own.

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