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Who is jane aldridge dating

On December 12th as I got ready for our anniversary dinner, I was very happy but also kind of anxious.December held a number of great opportunities for Jeff to propose.I was pretty determined that my ring was going to be Rosa Maria at this point. We both knew we wanted to get engaged sooner rather than later and I had a pretty good idea when he was going to ask me (sometime in December).I loved the sculpturalism and rough polish of her rings. One day last October sitting in the airport with Jeff, I was browsing her rings on my phone when I decided to try the Real Real to see what would come up. One of them was absolutely, unmistakably, beyond a shadow of a doubt, exactly the ring that I wanted. It was a double win for us because buying my ring on consignment was really cheap compared to full price. That made me really happy, because we both feel that a symbol of eternal love shouldn’t come with a huge price tag.We did go to a few jewelry stores and I tried on a lot of really beautiful rings, some vintage and some more modern by some really cool designers.None of the rings we looked at really did anything for me.The box was labeled 'For Jane' and was filled with the clothes she wore in the eighties while living in Tokyo," she says.

Like other personal style blogs, the high school student chronicles her daily outfits, wish-lists, and inspirations, but few match her unique sophistication."I think shoes have a covetableness that clothes don't have: Clothes are sometimes vague in what they express, but shoes always make a powerful statement about how you feel about yourself your appreciation of unique design," she says.While favoring Belgium and Japanese designers (Dries Van Noten is her favorite for footwear), she's also currently getting inspiration from the TV show Dynasty, no-wave and noise music, and The Book of Fantasy.As we headed towards the door to leave for dinner, Jeff stopped me and told me he had something for me. You’ll notice the band is quite thick…I had to take it to a specialist jeweler to get resized.If you notice me not wearing it all the time lately, it is because I need to get it resized again, it’s a little loose right now.

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I exchanged emails with some stores stateside that do carry Rosa Maria (including Joan Shepp in Philadelphia) and while the rings were amazing, they didn’t feel very bridal.

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