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Who is graeme smith dating

The Doctor surmises that the TARDIS sensed that Blaine wanted a second chance at life and gave it to her.

The TARDIS crew decides to return the egg to Raxacoricofallapatorius so Blaine can be raised in a different family.

The heart of the TARDIS opens on the console, bathing Blaine in light.Blaine makes several half-hearted attempts to kill the Doctor but he easily avoids them.She then asks him to take her to another planet instead.Arnold T Blumburg of Now Playing gave the episode a grade of B , writing that it "sacrifices a bit of plot and logic" for a good exploration of the characters and plot threads. In 2013, Patrick Mulkern of Radio Times particularly praised Badland and the dinner scene, though he described the whole episode as a "peculiar short-story, a low-cal filler sandwiched between the dramatic juggernauts of Steven Moffat's Doctor Who debut and Russell T Davies's dazzling finale." The A. Club reviewer Alasdair Wilkins gave the episode a grade of B, noting that it required more suspension of belief than usual.He felt that the plot was included out of necessity while the episode was more focused on character moments, and that this did not work as well as "Father's Day" because Margaret's fate was "less clearly motivated." On the other hand, Wilkins called Rose and Mickey's subplot the most effectively handled part of "Boom Town".

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The Doctor observes Blaine's scale model plans for a new nuclear power plant, but identifies that it is purposely flawed to cause a meltdown that would open the Cardiff Rift and destroy the Earth.

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