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Look, let’s rank recent cultural moments based on a scale of how black they are. Beychella—Beyoncé’s bravura Coachella performance—is definitely the blackest thing out right now.

It was Beyoncé’s thrilling nod to HBCU homecoming culture and black marching-band culture and black Greek culture.

DONALD Glover is an actor, singer and comedian who hit headlines with song This Is America, after its music video amassed ten million views in just 24 hours.

These strange essays point out Glover’s partner while saying it really isn’t a big deal (then why mention it?

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There's a longer trailer out now, but it doesn't really explain more about the plot, so you may be just as well off going directly to the movie.

No matter what you do, you stay black ’til you die.

I love my wife and my culture and there’s no need for a think piece to interrogate the space between those two great loves.

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Since then only a few details have trickled out, but the release—of what we now know is a movie—is imminent.