Who is dating boyonce

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Who is dating boyonce

According to his interview in the , the two were introduced by Human Perfection Kelly Rowland when she was 12 years old (he was 14) and hit it off immediately.

However, even at that young of an age, Beyoncé was already a workaholic in chase of her dreams. She laughed and danced and told me, 'Lyndall, it's so great to be normal, to be a kid.'" In the most unbelievable bit of the story, Lyndall admits to cheating on Beyoncé several times. I'm pretty sure if you cheat on Bey, you are sucked into a hell mouth like you belong, never to be heard from again. He says both times Beyoncé forgave him because she's a magnanimous goddess and also, her family knew "I wasn't after anything from them." There are lots of good stories from Lyndall on his relationship with Beyonce, including this one about the time he was driving Beyoncé, then 16, and her cousin Angie to the beach in a five-car convoy of friends: "A car suddenly pulled in front of me, crossed to the side of the road then flipped and fell right off the highway." Lyndall screeched to a halt and raced down the embankment to check on the occupants of the other car (who were unharmed).

And 19 other surprising celebs' jobs Jessica Simpson’s ex insinuates that he’s the reason Kim K is famous. He says that they went to a movie and no one followed them there and then when they left “there were 30 photographers waiting outside”.

READ MORE: Celebrity break-ups that caught us by surprise They lived together for four years back in the ‘80s after meeting on the set of Excalibur and falling in love.

Babies #2 and #3 are on their way, and this epically dynamic duo have survived and thrived through it all—more infidelity rumors, some vow renewal action, incredible trips to far-flung locales, s release and all that came with it, and, of course, that elevator incident.

The next chapter of their love story: The birth of the twins, whom the Beyhive theorize are boys.

No one was the wiser about the budding power duo yet, but we have to ask—was the collab on this track how J B 4-EVA first came came to be?

And that, folks, is the story of how Bey and Jay fell in love, got married, and had a child, Blue Ivy.

(Jay was born December 4, 1969, which means he was about 30.) Baby Bey appeared on Jay’s protégé’s track “I Got That” in 2000.

She'd been training since she was 5, and no fine young man was going to distract her from her rightful destiny. Even though Bey was fixated on the limelight, she still took time out of her busy schedule to do everyday stuff with Locke. When he returned, Beyoncé and Angie had driven off.

"When I finally got a lift home I was furious." Beyoncé told me, "I can't be around a mess like that.

Once they started to hit big it was obvious she was changing. I've been waiting for this since I was a kid.'"Beyoncé secured backstage passes to see Janet Jackson perform in LA in 2000 and took Lyndall along.

"I jabbered on to Janet, I was nervous", he explains.

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