Who is brooke davis dating on one tree hill

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Who is brooke davis dating on one tree hill

A belief in each other and the possibility of love.A decision to ignore simply rise above the pain in the past.From her relationship with Lucas and Peyton to her eventual marriage to Julian, Brooke rode a series of ups and downs.In my opinion, Brooke Davis is the glue of Tree Hill.But Brooke got up and went to school every day and tried to be a better Brooke every day.“People always leave” is a saying her best friend, Peyton, always carried around, but for Brooke, people always left.

----------------------------------------------season 5 episode 1 - 4 years, 6 months, 2 days- ---------------------------------------------Brooke: Guys. There is no way she gets on the cover of my magazine unless she gains 10 pounds, minimum.

The aforementioned abandonment by her parents, her first love left her for her best friend, her best friend moved away after marrying said first love and having a baby with him, her foster daughter left her for her birth mother, the cycle continues. But Brooke woke up every day and went to school, she cheered for her high school basketball team, she became student body President, she started her own clothing line which she turned into a multi-million dollar company, and she got up and went to work every day with her head held high.

She was told that she could never have children, the one thing she wanted most in the world but she put on a brave face and kept going.

You’re a warrior, and you’re stronger than anything life throws your way.” This girl has gone through so much in life and has always gotten back up from a fall and held her head high.

Her parents all but abandoned her as a child; her father was more interested in his golf game than in his daughter and her mother admitted to never wanting her and paid more attention to her looks and her shopping bags than her daughter.

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Throw in his devious and manipulative sister Peyton Sawyer, Best friend Nathan Scott and you have some major Drama! Now she's come back to raise her daughter in her childhood home.