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Updating xml net

Christopher Smith [email protected] Technologies, Incorporated - meant to post this in t...Print record once, update Yes/No field verifiying print I would like to print a group of records, then have a Yes/No field [Printed] updated in my Jobs table with an update query showing the records were printed.All of them allow it in the sense that they don't prevent or preclude it.None of them allow it in the sense of enabling it by providing their own CD burning engine. -- Jo Ann Paules MVP Microsoft [Publisher] Tech Editor for "Microsoft Publisher 2007 For Dummies" "Kim" I created a newsletter yesterday - everythin... Any chance you've got a beta build of Win XP SP3 installed? Outlook data file check Hello, I am using Outlook 2007 on XPSP2.Microsoft Update only updates Windows Defenderiacrosoft Update only updates Windows Defender - I have to use Belarc Advisor to get a list of missing updates, and then go to the Microsoft Download Center to search for the missing updates and download and install them one at a time. Quite often on startup I get a message the Outlook is doing a file check and performance may be slow.

Any idea what this could be about and how to prevent both? Backing Up Money Files Do any versions of Money allow backing up data to cds, rather than floppy discs? This year we'd like to resize the booklet from a 5"x7" to a pamphlet size (to fit inside a #10 envelope). -- Regards Bob Peel, Microsoft MVP - Money For unofficial FAQs see or I do not respond to any emails that I have not specifically asked for.Unless you are going to maintain the same proportions, it's not going to be easy. -- Jo Ann Paules MVP Microsoft [Publisher] Tech Editor for "Microsoft Publisher 2007 For Dummies" ... I have been able to acheive this to a limited degree using th =sheet1! When the script is set to run Before Document Commit I have the “Destination mapping” field “1099 Type” set to “Use Script”. I have an XML data file (well- formed) that I need to place into my website's app_data folder. Currently it's publishing in booklet form with 24 pages. "Daniel" wrote in message news: [email protected] sheets based on data in first sheet Another payroll question, I have a workbook that contains 26 sheets, one for each bi-weekl payroll period.I would like to have an form on my site that simply has two textboxes (corresponding to two XML fields in my file), and a "submit" button that will update the file. I'm most familiar with the Data Adapter/Data Set model and using SQLserver files and having an INSERT INTO query to update. There may be better ways, but just curious if this model COULD work with XML. The number of pages changes from year to year and it is done with a card stock cover so simply changing to a pamphlet form will not work. I would like to set it up so when i add a new employe the rest of the sheets also update automatically with that employee name and information. Problem with Script Updating I am using a script to update the “1099 Type” field for Master Vendor table. This script is run “Before Document Commit” and it’s not updating correctly, its flip-flopping the results.

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For an explanation of what's involved, see: Has the record been printed?

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