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Updating xbox xbmc

All I need is FTP access so I can upload the new version of XBMC. "E:/apps/XBMC/"It should have nothing to do with hard/softmods. Now I just need FTP access from a boot disc, and every one I make doesn't seem to work!

Is there some kind of a recovery disc I can download that will boot on my Xbox that will give me FTP access again? I have fixed this before but it was a while ago and I don't have the rescue disc around anymore. I've got other boot discs I've made on CD-RW, such as the PAL/NTSC mode switcher, and that disc works fine, but doesn't give me FTP access.

Hey guys, I thought I had this all thought through, but I guess I didn't. Also pray to god u dont have a softmod otherwise you have stuffed it and will need to get your console modchipped ??

I was attempting to upgrade my version of XBMC via FTP. After this, I selected the "XBMC" directory on my Xbox and pressed delete. I DO have a softmod and yes, this has happened before, all I need is FTP access to my files...

Kindof a stupid mistake since I was still logged in. I haven't deleted any critical information as far as my Xbox is concerned.

Now all the XBMC files are deleted off the HDD and it won't let me boot into any dash. I've been using CD-RW media for my Xbox since the year dot. The only reason it's not booting into a dash is because the 'default.xbe' is deleted from where it is expecting to find it.

Can someone please please tell me exactly what to do (i.e. Corvus, how exactly did you land back on your feet?

:\So make sure you finish the session or have 'disc at once' checked before you burn.

I'm making good progress with XBMC - it's a pretty neat media player actually.

S Video output is quite acceptable for now but I am getting the advance AV pack - component & digital audio Today I've been looking for alaternate skins to Mayhem III - mainly a colour change from the gloomy slate grey it comes in as I like its layout and navigation. Most of the other skins I have found are too dated to use with my recent XBMC version.

Or did you reconfigure your file to boot XBMC first? As a rule, I always try and upgrade XBMC every 6 months or so. Ok well I finally managed to get a working boot disc on CD-RW. After using it for a day and going through all the features/settings, I can say that theres not really that much difference from the August 2007 build I had. It's harder to even just play Div X files on some DVD players out there.

I noticed alot of difference between Jan2007 and Aug2007 builds. I'm guessing alot of the changes are 'under the hood', and it shows because videos now seem to load a fraction faster, and the UI seems a little more responsive. You can even change directories, etc and mix and match to your hearts content. : P How fussy is the xbox disk drive when it comes to reading the various types of disks? I am doing the same as Corvus was doing with the Slayer ISO.

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Although I have realised they've added mouse support, which is interesting. Simply replacing them with 'good' files will fix the problem.

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