Updating nameservers 11 Cyclist cam

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Updating nameservers 11

Repeat this procedure for every newly created user.

By filtering the users using the User Name or the Domain name using the account search function this process can be speeded up. On your DNS server updating the IP address The following step exhibits how to change the IP address for the private name servers (NS) of your specified DNS server.

First of all, I think the 2 days figure is outdated.

We deprecated the My DNS and NSD nameservers in c Panel & WHM version 78 and plan to remove them a future release.

We strongly recommend that you migrate to Power DNS.

BIND 9 is transparent open source, licensed under the MPL 2.0 license.

Users are free to add functionality to BIND 9 and contribute back to the community through our open Gitlab.

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When I change my domain's (a dot com) nameservers it can take up to 2 days. Just curious because my webhosting went down and I have to wait now because I changed nameservers, why?

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