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Updating mysql table

If so -- sure, cause we could just drop partitions (fast) instead of deleting the data. We also have an absolutely incredible stored procedure that rebuilds all of our indexes concurrently after the load, using the Oracle job scheduler as the mechanism of allowing separate threads in pl/sql.I work with John Bittner, one of the previous reviewers. This process was introduced to our environment by a master tuner and personal friend, Larry Elkins.The only one difference between your code and mine is that I issue just one commit at the end. Here is the numbers I've got: rebuilding indexes sequentually consistently took 76 sec., while using dbms_job.submit() calls took around 40 - 42 sec.I said "around", because the technique I used may not be perfect, though it served the purpose.This was a totally new paradigm for the application, and one that saved the entire mission-critical application.The in-place updates would not have worked with the terrabytes of data that we have in our database.

What would be the best way to detect the end of rebuiding, in order to proceed with the next call? Thanks Tom, In our environment, we have partitioned tables and we use: ALTER TABLE table_name MODIFY PARTITION part_name REBUILD UNUSABLE LOCAL INDEXESand this rebuilds all the indexes in the partition at one shot.New and old values for ID are stored in the lookup table, and there about half a million of them.The original approach was to replace PK in all tables for one ID value, commit the changes and move on to the next ID.Your status said that you had a large backlog, so I decided not to wait for your response and tried myself using dbms_job.submit() calls.At first, it did not work (job_queue_processes was 0), but after I set it to 12 it started working. rows table and rebuild 5 non-partitioned indexes with 'compute statistics parallel nologging' clause.

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March 17, 2003 - am UTC sorry -- I though it obvious that in most cases "no" is the answer.

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