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Updating imported data in excel

In the table in the Data Model, any invalid columns are automatically removed and new columns are added.

You can change the name of a column in a table in the Data Model as follows − The name of the column in the header will get highlighted.

I also changed it to allow for multiple connections without having to specify the names. I think there is a simpler way to make excel wait till the refresh is done, without having to set the Background Query property to False. Excel 2010 (and later) has this method called Calculate Until Async Queries Done and all you have to do it call it after you have called the Refresh All method.

DAX is used for calculations on the data in the Data Model in Excel Power Pivot.

To refresh data for a single table or all tables in a Data Model, do the following − Data Refresh dialog box appears and data refresh progress information is displayed as the Power Pivot engine reloads data from the selected table or from all tables from the data source.

If you have imported data from a relational data source, such as SQL Server and Oracle, you can update all the related tables in one operation.Is there a solution (VBA code) to refresh both the External data source and pivot tables together within a time schedule (If suppose we set a timer) by clicking Under the connection properties, uncheck "Enable background refresh".This will make the connection refresh when told to, not in the background as other processes happen.In my last post Auto refresh pivottables data in excel on first run, i found that on my first execution the query from the External data source is refreshed and takes approximately 1 min to execute.and in my second run, the pivot tables are updated.

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In such a case, you can schedule unattended data refresh on the server.