Updating database with dataset constantly updating intellisense vs2016

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Enter a new record in the blank textboxes and then click your Save button. (If the new record doesn't appear when you restart, go back to Design Time.

In the Solution Explorer, click on your Database under Resources to select it.

The inc variable can be set to the last record in the Dataset, which is Max Rows - 1. Enabled = true; These three lines just reset the buttons to their original state.

In between the square brackets type its position in the Row. So add this code to your Save button: Data Row row = ds. That's enough to update the underlying database with your new record.

It's quite easy to do and only takes a couple of lines.

This Lesson shows how to accomplish something in-between Sql Connection and Sql Data Reader interaction by using the Data Set C# and Sql Data Adapter objects.

A Data Set is an in-memory data store that can hold numerous tables.

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In Lesson 3, we discussed a fully connected mode of operation for interacting with a data source by using the Sql Command object.

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