Toshiba laptop updating bios

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He tells me this is covered under warranty but I have to pay to ship my laptop in and can expect it back in 10 business days time to ship.

Other than my sending in the laptop to be de-bricked no charges. The same thing happened to me, it's not necessarily a problem with the update but more likely with the install of the update (they have a high fail rate if you try update the BIOS in windows) the same thing happened to my old L300D a few months after I bought it, they told me the same thing about warranty but covered by shipping, I asked where their repair centers are located and it turned out that they outsource lots of the repair places to local companies that are "certified" by Toshiba and found that it was just a 10 minute drive from home and they DO allow you to take it directly to the repair center (vs paying for a shipping service that has a tracking feature) and that saved lots of time, I also got to keep the hard drive so I wouldn't lose out on any of my precious data over the week it took them to order parts, also when the hard drive failed they let me keep the laptop to run from a Ubuntu live SD card since I could talk directly to the repair guys.

In the meantime, while you may have no problems with the update I strongly urge you to think twice about updating your Toshiba laptop BIOS even if they tell you to do so. It just reaffirms my belief that one should never update the BIOS on any device, unless absolutely necessary.

And i would never use a "utility" its just a middle man and another step in the middle that could go wrong Good advice about 5-10 years ago.

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That guy transferred me back to the same department I spoke with this morning.

He apologized for the wrong information that the first guy gave me.

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Most modern computers write bios updates from storage memory on the next startup.

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