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I kept meeting people, too, but dating was drastically different.I had been through the worst, and anything that could go wrong on a date was nothing compared to what I had overcome.He was new to Los Angeles, my hometown, and didn’t have all that much of his life together.But we had fun and he seemed sensitive (for a male), and I was hopeful.Plus, he kind of looked like a dad, and I had lost mine a few years back.I leaned into him hard those next few months, and he became the solid body next to me I could grab and cry into.I hung a postcard that said, “Learn the art of solitude.Get to know yourself” and another that said “We get to make ourselves and we get to make our family” on my fridge.

At the time I felt claustrophobic and suffocated in my own body. Unsurprisingly, I also felt suffocated sharing a 700-square-foot apartment with my partner. I was feeling particularly agitated and angry about my mother’s death one afternoon, and I told him I was going to go running. The endorphins only served to make me angrier, and I came back and slammed a shot of tequila. As much as I love tequila and welcome an afternoon margarita with friends, this was for sure not the most stable version of me.

At times the water is warm and buoyant; other times it is cold and so heavy you think you will drown.

Both experiences require a ton of emotional energy and self-reflection, and when you combine them — well, it can be intense.

“I’m exhausted, and I don’t know what I’m doing in this relationship, let alone in Los Angeles,” he said.

It’s pretty rare that a new relationship can bear a crisis, according to my therapist and to my own life experience.

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There were times I felt like giving up, but I didn’t. But I was doing everything in my power to keep going.