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I have conflicting feelings about social media and its effect on us. So I want to balance out those worries with some perks that social media can provide us and, in particular, many clients I serve.

Despite these concerns, I am active on social media and find benefit to it.

For those who are coming out of intensive treatment and need to create new support, friends, healthy peers in their life, social media can be a goldmine.

Samuel is happily married to singer, Keri Hilson married on 17 March 2002.

The couple met in an event before two years their marriage. Keri kept all information about her relationship with Samuel very secret. There are no rumours of having extramarital affairs and divorce in their life.

For that I am forever thankful…YOU can thank him for album 3. The reason behind divorce was said to be Keri’s extramarital affairs with famous NBA player, Serge Ibaka.

Keri started dating with Serge in 2012, and the ended in 2016.

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