Single parent dating gray mountain arizona

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Single parent dating gray mountain arizona

Arrival of Utes at Indian Creek, Caucasian-Ute relationships, cooking techniques, ear piercing, incident with a wild jackass, hunting, livestock, shelters, renegades, clothing, children, Native American laborers, ceremonies, travel, dogs, young men and women, squaws, leather work, Native American trouble.

Taylor's places of residence, government allotments, burial customs, Taylor's children, Ute dress and hair, epidemic, accounts of individual Native Americans, Ute residential areas, language, Caucasian - Native American relations, eating habits, ceremonies, migrations, children, squaws, hunting, health, water rights, trade, shopping habits, San At-Chee, Caucasian attitudes about the Native Americans.

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In 1966 Doris Duke funded a program to interview American Indians in several states in order to document American history from the Indian point of view. Gregory Crampton for the Western History Center (now the American West Center) at the University of Utah. Language, education, medicine men, the Sun Dance, sacred places, religion, doctors and medicine men, Native American time concept. Also included are interviews with non-Indians who were closely associated with various Indian individuals or groups. The interviews represent tribes in Utah and in neighboring states, and include both urban and reservation dwellers. They are discussing a job training program under the direction of Dr. Topics include the purpose of rehabilitation program, the history of the project, concept of the project, results, evaluation, progress, operational philosophy, personnel, relocation program, program direction, work plans, difficulty in evaluation, recommendations, more contact between directory and field workers, submitted reports, recommend third phase, field men should know individuals eligible for program, accomplish more, increased work load, newsletters, addition to staff, invitation of more Native American participants, work with younger people, discussion about rehabilitation program. Marshall family, trade in the far past, Incident with three Spaniards, Gold mining, kidnapped woman, contact between Hopi, Navajo, Apache, Supai, and George Cochise, trade between Mojaves, Supais, Hualapais, and Hopis, basket weaving, tourism, fruit orchards, alcohol, Law.

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Fort Lewis College, Utes on Piedra River, alcohol, Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico, Chama, allotments, gold, cattle and cattle companies, land grants, Tom Burns, Dulce agency.

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