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Pulse not updating

Have a list of places that you can get certified, but only allow people with CPR certification to get notified. One thing I’d like to see is if we change the map to satellite, it will stay selected to satellite and Vice versa; If we would like to see traffic levels as well, then it will stay that way.Finally, I just want to say how much I love this app, it has helped me out so much with stuff. And one other thing I noticed is that not all calls no matter how minor they may or may not be actually don’t show up.You also should include like an on scene button for CPR alerts that will send a notification to dispatch saying that someone is on scene that knows how to do COR.That good with the account idea, and the next idea which is an area where you have to be CPR certified to get CPR notifications. I like how if i try to tap on the audio button, it’ll now tell me that that department doesn’t provide audio, bummer, but at least I now know it’s not in Pulse Point’s control.In addition to nearby “CPR-needed” notifications, you can choose to be notified of significant events.

Next, you should have accounts, so that people can save calls, and have alerts for specific stations and departments.For more information, visit pulsepoint.org, contact us at [email protected], or join the conversation at Facebook and Twitter.Pulse Point is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit foundation. Although we are working hard to make public safety agencies aware of Pulse Point, you can definitely help by expressing interest to your local fire chief, EMS official, and elected officials such as your mayor, council member or supervisor.When CPR-trained individuals receive an alert from Pulse Point Respond, it tells them not only where a cardiac arrest event is happening, but also where they can find the nearest AED.But often, data on AED locations can be missing, inaccurate, or simply not detailed enough to make the devices easy to find in an emergency. With the free Pulse Point AED app, citizens can help even before a life is in danger by easily identifying public access AEDs throughout the community.

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