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Private dating scan bristol

Why carry on suffering in silence when we have the technology that can help to make you feel better?

Musculoskeletal ultrasound offers a dynamic, non-invasive exam that allows high resolution, real-time evaluation of musculoskeletal disorders.

The image detail is crystal clear and the exposure times are greatly reduced.

If you suspect you have a fracture or a broken bone and need a quick verdict, call us and we can slot you into the next available X-ray appointment.

Babies, children and pregnant women are strongly advised to avoid X-ray treatments.It is also helpful for the following: Ultrasound scans can monitor if you eggs are developing properly and if they are being released from the ovaries. We can also measure ovarian reserve using ultrasound scans of the ovary to count the number of follicles (egg sacs) within the ovary called AFC (antral follicle count).The Antral Follicle Count is highly predictive of the number of eggs that will be collected and the likelihood of success with IVF and other fertility treatments.It’s an excellent way to complement MRI and a reliable method for us to diagnose musculoskeletal disorders that are related to traumatic injury or degeneration.Non-invasive and dynamic imaging is beneficial when range of motion is lost due to acute or chronic injury to major tendons, as well as in pain management and urgent care.

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We carry out a basic wellbeing check with all our scans as despite us being a non diagnostic centre you and your baby come first.