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Many have often suggested that I should think about uploading more sketches and unfinished work, something which I've always been reluctant to do because I prefer to preserve the impact of the finished project without any previous exposure.But the truth is I simply don't get enough work finished to justify that attitude anymore - if it's merely a choice between finished work or no work, the fact that I've only uploaded three finished pictures in the last three years tells its own story about that particular philosophy.

As someone who has often defined myself by my career, this left me feeling pretty bad, and despite having ample spare time, I found myself struggling to muster any enthusiasm for my life's passions - or when I have, I've become increasingly obsessed with whether I can justify spending my depleting savings on them.

I'm hoping to resolve this very soon, but don't be surprised if it takes a little while for new content to appear there.

Rest assured it's not because I'm not bothering with my site anymore - goodness knows I spent long enough coding and designing the damn thing.

I'll move them into my scraps after a couple of days.

I should clarify that this is by no means all of my unfinished work.

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