Pilar sanders dating

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was having a tough time deciding between the girl he was with, Pilar Sanders, and the dude on stage last night in Paris at the Drake concert.

The TV personality entered the industry as a model while still studying in a school.

She will probably deny every bit of this post — as she should if she wants to keep that money pipeline open and flowing.

I can’t tell you her sponsor’s name, but keep an eye on Pilar’s Twitter timeline; peep where she goes and who she associates with. Sandra used a photo of Ronald “Slimm” Williams, which makes more sense since he is the more lowkey of the two Cash Money brothers.

Pilar Sanders is a reality television personality best known for being the former wife of Hall of Fame NFL player Deion Sanders.

She has starred on the reality series like Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love and Football Wives.

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