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Read the full article “…If those methods don’t work, you can also try a matchmaking service like It’s Just Lunch, says Laino.

So the 41-year-old pharmaceutical saleswoman, who lives in Oklahoma City, decided to try an old-fashioned approach. “You’re not just fishing online; you’re actually having someone narrow down a potential mate or two for you,” says Laino.” Read the full article Breakups are hard, especially if you weren't ready for one.A new method for dating sediments is proposed, which determines the time since the sediment was last exposed to sunlight.An argon-ion laser is used to excite electrons from thermally-stable light-sensitive traps and the subsequent luminescence used as a measure of the past radiation dose.Read the full article In 2010, Heleen Devos, a native of Belgium who works in corporate social responsibility and communications for a French energy company, was heading to Cuba for a United Nations climate change conference.“I had seen him and found him handsome,” Ms. Yet she was unsure of his relationship with the older woman next to him.At 7 years old, Paul Michael Nelson was the kind of quiet, brilliant kid you were likely to find in Silicon Valley — captivated by Legos, self-taught in origami, loving and sweet.

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At Stanford and elsewhere, the hunt is on for treatment cocktails that quell the inflammation and new strategies to keep a rogue immune system at bay.

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