Optically stimulated luminescence dating of young sediments a review

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The results obtained show, for this set of samples, the possibility of dating the mortars through the use of the fine grain fraction provided of a suitable chemical-physical preparation procedure and the verification of the bleaching conditions.

Small aliquot quartz BSL results showed poor luminescence properties due to low luminescence sensitivity of quartz in this area.

The dating results also indicated that glaciofluvial samples deposited close to ice margin (~40 m and ~700 m) and supraglacial debris dominated lateral moraine samples are relatively well-bleached, whereas samples from ground moraine and low terminal moraine were poorly bleached, probably due to containing subglacial and englacial debris.

The decline of agricultural land use from about 1915 onwards decreased sediment supply, while the increase of urbanisation from about 1950 amplified the flow energy of flooding by pluvial waters and overflows from storm basins, causing the presently ongoing incision in the area that began about AD 1975.

Des datations par OSL (Optically Stimulated Luminescence) sont utilisées pour reconstituer la chronologie de phases d’aggradation et d’incision dans un sous-bassin élémentaire du bassin de l’Yzeron (France).

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Différents traitements statistiques visant à extraire les doses équivalentes moyennes des distributions des doses sont comparés pour estimer l’effet de la variété du blanchiment du signal OSL antérieur au dépôt.

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