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Learn more about the Questia Using Questia's Responsive website, or one of our apps, you can do your research the way you want to, wherever you want to.To download the Questia app for your device, choose from the options below.One major benefit of using secondary data is that it has already been reviewed by authorities and suitably used elsewhere.Most of the information has been accepted and approved for consumption by different audiences.Records written and kept by individuals (such as diaries and journals) and accessed by other people are also regarded as secondary sources.In addition, databases that keep information about the public, such as electoral statistics, registers, social security and housing information, are secondary sources.On the other hand, researchers obtain primary data by personally interviewing the respondents.This may also involve going to the field to observe occurrences and recording the observations.

Here is the current relationship status of unmarried Black men respondents: · Not looking right now: 27 percent · Looking but not dating: 23 percent · In a committed relationship but living apart: 20 percent · Living with someone:18 percent · Dating but not exclusively: 11 percent Let’s get what men REALLY want out of the way Are Black men “always up for it” as the perennial trope seems to suggest?

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(Fiftypercent have no problem dating without a serious commitment; surprisingly, this figure is actually lower than the one for Black women, which is 60 percent). Apparently, they do: 50 percent agree/strongly agree that marriage is important, whereas only 16 percent disagree/strongly disagree that marriage is important.

Further evidencing that Black men are not averse to commitment, 47 percent state they have been with their current partners for five years or more, and only 11 percent say they haven’t made it past the six-month honeymoon. School: 5 percent Here is the breakdown on where they actually met their current partners or spouses: 1. Interracial dating Getting back to tropes, there is a famous (or infamous) one that Black men secretly want to cross the racial divide with regard to matrimony possibilities.

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