Mrtg graph not updating updating mailscanner

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Mrtg graph not updating

The function RRDs::error should be called to get the error status after each function call.

If RRDs::error does not return anything then the previous function has completed its task successfully. The RRDs::times function takes two parameters: a "start" and "end" time.Some people who like the look of rrd charts, therefore export their data from a database and then load it into an rrd file just to be able to call rrdgraph on it.Finally you can use the pseudo path name cb//[filename] to tell rrdtool to use your callback routine instead of the normal rrdtool fetch function to organize the data required.The callback function must look like this: NOTE: The content of this website is accessible with any browser.

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This saves a considerable amount of startup time when you plan to make RRDtool do a lot of things quickly.