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Malese jow dating

When she finds herself too tangled up with her work, she usually gets more conscious about her workout.

She believes that remaining active and eating well makes her feel good, which is very important when you have a crazy work schedule.

Linda Park is a sports journalist for Central City Picture News, and former news reporter for KSFZ Channel 8.

She is also the ex-girlfriend/friend of Barry Allen and a good friend/former co-worker of Iris West.

At the end of that night, the couple shared a kiss, with Linda affirming another date.

On their third date, Linda cancelled Barry's plans to go out in favor of simply making out with him in his living room.

As part of a failed plan to capture "Zoom", Linda briefly masqueraded as Dr. After Barry Allen and an intoxicated Caitlin Snow sang "Summer Lovin'" at a bar, Linda approached Barry and complimented his singing.

She then gave him her number and told him he could do whatever he wished with it.

– English, Scottish, Cherokee Native American Malese Jow, also credited as Melise, is an American actress, singer, and songwriter.After Iris made the front page with her story on a duo of corrupt real estate agents, Linda came to congratulate her.During one of her night shifts at CCPN, a super villain named Dr. Light's mask revealing herself to look exactly like Linda, who escapes shortly after.She is also proven to be very brave as she agreed to the Flash's plan for her to masquerade as her Earth-2 counterpart to draw out Zoom, despite the risk.Linda Park is a TV News Reporter from Central City.

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Dark Brown (Natural)But, she has experimented with blonde highlights.

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