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An important reminder that life is full of both acquaintances and friends, and sometimes it’s okay for some people to fall into the former category.READ MORE: ‘Gilmore Girls’: Alexis Bledel Felt Pressure for the Final 4 Words Scene to Be ‘Awesome’ The world’s surliest harp player isn’t the sort of title one should aim for, but Drella’s persnicketiness had odd charms to it.(Hollywood really should try to figure out what to do with Alex Borstein someday.) The former owner of the Dragonfly Inn seemed like a nice, if stubborn, old lady.No one was OFFICIALLY rooting for her death, but things happen.Only characters who appeared in more than three episodes are included below; even with that said, there are probably some we missed. It’s always awesome to see Michael York, but his relationship with Paris lacked class.

Everyone’s been in one of those relationships where theoretically, it’s a great match… Max was a great example of that for Lorelai, and deserved better than getting dumped a few days before the wedding. Yiung lacked chill when it came to Lane, but he did help her date Dave in the early days of her clandestine relationship with him, and that was nice of him.(The bluegrass thing was cute, we gotta admit.) We only have one hope in this godforsaken world of ours: That after 10 years of being married, he and Lane have figured out how to have a pleasurable and happy sex life, and that they’ve also figured out how birth control works. ) Some fans might not love April’s insertion into the narrative, but here’s what was fun — Luke’s DNA made a kid maybe smarter than Rory, with her own quirks but also cool in her own way.Saeed Adyani/Netflix Are we only spotlighting Beau because he was played by Nick Offerman, and Nick Offerman is great? God, imagine what would happen if Luke and Lorelai had a baby?It just goes to show that no matter how ugly it is, you truly can’t help but feel at ease while wearing a robe.Usually, when writing these lists, we set the halfway point to define the good versus bad. Christopher’s second baby mama/estranged spouse (though in reverse order from Lorelai) was never all that endearing.

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If you’ve ever watched television or seen a movie, you might’ve noticed something...occasionally one the characters will be wearing a robe. It’s obvious that anyone wearing a robe on tv or in a movie looks fantastic.

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