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Liquidating store

The company may get more money for its inventory this way, but it may take longer to sell the products and receive payment.

As an alternative, it can sell its entire inventory to a liquidator, who will pay a lower price for the products but will take possession of them and pay for them immediately.

Craigslist will reach a large amount of local buyers, but the best way to list things can be the big question.

"Selling Bulk Clothing" or "Clothing Business" or even "Clothing Store Inventory" can help attract buyers. EBay can be easier to list individual items or lots of items with the same size.

Don't expect to realize any profits in this liquidation process, but it will bring in some revenue quickly.

Some resale shops and smaller retailers will buy new clothing sold in this manner as well, especially if the brands are well-known and respected.

A business has several options from which to choose when it liquidates its inventory.

However, liquidators can be picky about the merchandise they buy.WInding down a business is a straightforward process.The company notifies its employees, its vendors, its creditors and its customers that it is closing up shop.Look to donate any clothing that has become damaged or has faded colors.See if you can do a bulk donation that gets your name out in the community.

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