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He would usually come back with a new game for me to open and play. On this occasion, he had business in Denmark and I inquired about the possibility of obtaining Advanced Civilization. Their names are based on the eponymous United States Navy fleets.The USN has split up their naval commands into fleets that cover and are responsible for different potential theaters of war.The five fleets the game series represents are: 2nd Fleet (North Atlantic and the Arctic), 3rd Fleet (Alaska, North Pacific, Caribbean, North Sea, Bay of Biscay), 5th Fleet (Indian Ocean), 7th Fleet (Western Pacific, South China Sea, Sea of Japan) and 6th Fleet (Mediterranean and Black Seas). This game is about late 20th century (circa mid-80s to early 90’s) naval operations within the background of the Cold War.The scale is 50 nautical miles per hex, 8 hours per game turn and depicts individual naval ships, submarines, patrol boat squadrons and aircraft squadrons/groups.The Advanced game introduces geographical objectives and depending on which scenario you play some of them will be more valuable than others.You will be using amphibious assault ships to disembark troops or aircraft to fly in paratroopers to control these objectives in addition to standard scoring for eliminating enemy forces.

The Report states: “The bill may have an indeterminate negative fiscal impact on local government revenues.”If you have questions about these changes, our firm’s environmental and land use practice group provides independent advice to clients and to our corporate and real property practice groups on issues impacting private property rights to use and develop real property.Although the changes to the Act became law on June 28, 2019, many in the State are just now learning how much these changes impact local community development.In fact, several State advocacy groups, including 1000 Friends of Florida are warning of negative impacts to community development.Some will have an icon depicting whether they are ALL weather aircraft or if adverse weather can ground them. Surface ships are individually rated for movement, surface to surface combat, defense, close anti air-rating (machine guns), gunnery (if they have a gun), area anti-air (missiles) and ASW values.Helicopters are in this game but they are abstracted into their naval ship, reflected primarily in their ASW values.

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Although with the amount of information available to modern commanders, who’s to say they wouldn’t be directing orders at submarine or destroyer captains to fire at specific enemy ships and bases?