Jose canseco dating

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Jose canseco dating

They seem to be taking things somewhat slow, we’re told, but it’s clear they’re romantically involved.” Brody Jenner’ ex, Kaitlynn Carter is now allegedly dating Miley Cyrus, who’s marriage to Liam Hemsworth is now over. Meanwhile, the world of sports finds always seems to find a way to intertwine and the Jenners and Consecos seem to be no different. When it comes to the craziest men in all of sports, Jose Canseco has to top the list.In return for his stupidity, Canseco was charged with two counts of aggravated battery.Just another check on a list filled with outrageous, crazy moments.If there's one ex-baseball player in the world that you probably shouldn't get in a street fight with, it would be Jose Canseco.If there's a second ex-player not to fight with, it would probably be his twin brother, Ozzie.This incident got us thinking about some of the other wild shenanigans that Canseco has pulled in his time.

An ex-colleague of the former Yankees star has taken to Twitter to re-up his longtime allegations of cheating by Rodriguez (which Rodriguez hasn't commented on, seemingly choosing to ignore the allegations instead). Like Rodriguez, 54-year-old Cuban-American Canseco is a fellow former New York Yankee, an outfielder and designated hitter, who officially retired from Major League baseball in May 2002.

The fastest recorded time ever was 4.09, which former Redskins defensive back Darrell Green recorded unofficially in training camp.

Canseco could swipe some bags back in the day, but to say that he ran a 3.9 40-yard dash is just flat-out delusional.

This weekend, everyone’s favorite couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez took to Instagram to reveal that the ex-baseball star had popped the question after two years of dating.

Celebrating their engagement on a romantic beach break, J.

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Back in 2008, Jose Canseco revealed that his California house had been foreclosed on because he could no longer afford to pay rent due to his previous divorces that cost him close to a combined $15 million.

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