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Jeanne 56 dating

Jeanne de la Batte m DNA I have had a mitochondrial DNA test done by the Genetics Department of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg South Africa.

The results were as follows: Changes in Hypervariable Region I (HVR I) 16069C-T, 16126T-C, 16145G-A, 16183A-C, 16189T-C, 16231T-C,16261C-T Changes in Hypervariable Region II (HVR II) 73A-G.

I was married to Gabriël Richer Basson in 1961 and married for a second time to Leon van der Merwe in 1998.

They immigrated to South Africa, on the ship De Schelde, on 19 February 1688.

Brinkman had asked to be allowed to ride with Kelly in the dugout that overturned, but was ruled down by director George Marshall." columnist Erskine Johnson reports: "To match an exterior scene shot in Africa for Duel in the Jungle, 16 Indian elephants were marched onto a movie set in London.

After the elephants were fitted with large false ears and phony tusks so they would look exactly like their wild African cousins.

"They got all gussied up for the Academy doings to accept the gold statues for Susan Hayward and Marlon Brando had the voting gone that way.

’And not a single TV camera caught us during the entire evening,' they ailed." columnist Erskine Johnson reports that her long feud with fellow 20th Century-Fox actress June Haver ended with June's retirement to become a Sister of Charity.

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the press thinks she's Hollywood's number one party girl.