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These tbbkybiskd “close encounters” with near sex-traffickers are like alien abductions.

They are shared wildly — gleefully — by people seemingly thrilled to know this horrible scourge is out there so they can be scared and angry.

They felt scared for their kids and compelled to write a Facebook post warning people everywhere about this terrible thing that, as usual, didn’t happen. And just because I have yet to be tapped as Secretary of Energy, doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.

A server’s down, a deploy failed, there’s a crisis that truly demands a group’s immediate attention.

Having a chat room where you can just say good morning, let people know you’re out for lunch, and generally just feel part of something is a powerful counter to cabin fever.

Culture develops, inside jokes flow, emoji, goofing around with sounds (in Campfire), and meme generators are perfect territory for the chat room or channel.

This is particularly important for people who work remotely.

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In her Facebook Live video, Holland told the story that started with one man she described as looking disheveled and wearing a bodyguard-type earpiece who was closely following her family to the parking garage.

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