Invalidating people

Posted by / 08-Jan-2020 14:38

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“Samantha, you have a whole load of depressing books in your house. ” she finally says, eyes crushed together tightly in confusion. I connect with the characters and they help me not to feel so alone,” I reply.

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It is diseased, and nothing you say or do will have any positive effect on me.

In my opinion, all that will is medication and therapy.

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Here are six ways people have invalidated or patronized my illness: 1. Instead, I like a good night in with Disney movies, hot chocolate and books. My doctor, who has known me since I was a teen, has a full history of my lengthy childhood abuse, and a later rape I suffered in my 20s. I’m depressed, I don’t come from a different planet than you. Unless of course those words are “You have nothing to be depressed about, Sam.” Wow, you know what… An abusive, drunken, violent and absent father, sexually abused at 9, lived a secret and “shameful” life with OCD for over 15 years, constantly controlled by BPD emotions, have now been housebound for five years because too much trauma and no treatment has lead me to where I am today.

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