Intimidating interview questions definition of dating relationship

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Intimidating interview questions

So, helping them could be challenging, which cost the store some revenue.

My manager and several co-workers spoke Spanish, and they could help those customers when I couldn't.

Then, consider how you have overcome this weakness -- what strength have you developed in response? Carefully consider the weaknesses you know you have had and have overcome: Don't pick a weakness that would disqualify you for the job, even if you have overcome it.

For example, an accountant who doesn't know how to use spreadsheets or a business attorney who isn't a good negotiator would not impress a potential employer.

In addition, although I have no former on-the-job experience with this work, I do bring my love of learning new things, which can only enhance my ability to learn this process very quickly.

And, I've always been commended by my managers for my commitment to work hard.

Select a few weaknesses from the list below, or use them as starting points to develop your own list of possible weaknesses.When you have your list of possible weaknesses, consider how to present them as done in the sample answers below.Be prepared with in case you are asked for a second or third (or more).Luckily, there is a solution – prepare in advance for this dreaded question, and you will tame the monster!Today, many HR professionals consider this question old-fashioned and pointless.

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Who would admit to a genuine weakness in a job interview?