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Responsible for a majority of zippers considered vintage today, we can meet your design needs with truly vintage zippers as well as vintage-inspired ones.

Utilizing the original designs and molds we used back in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, enables us to manufacture authentic vintage zippers, right down to the stamped slider, pull, and pin and box separating components.

However, zippers were not common on women’s dresses until late 1930s.

Most men’s trousers used button-fly fastening until the 1940s.

1997 - IDEAL establishes IDEAL Fastener Asia Ltd., in Hong Kong.

2001 - IDEAL opens sales offices in Bangladesh, Dubai, India, Indonesia and Taiwan.

One of the common features that can be used to help identify what era an item is from is the zipper.

Many zipper names such as crown, conmar, conmatic, ideal, gripper zipper, prentice, scovill, talon, and YKK to name a few have been found on a variety of vintage garments from the 20th century.

1956 - On its 20th anniversary, IDEAL introduces Everzip, the snag free zipper.

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Established in 1936 by Elie Gut, IDEAL Fastener Corporation is the second largest zipper manufacturer in the world.

Our constant evolution has included revolutionary products such as Everzip (1956), landmark clients like the Astrodome (1964) and national recognition by the Smithsonian (1991).

During the past five years, IDEAL has expanded its worldwide presence by opening numerous international production facilities and sales offices.

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This page will help identify types of vintage zippers and the time period that they were primarily used, as well as give a brief history about the company behind the zipper.