How do you know when dating gets serious

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How do you know when dating gets serious

If he has, odds are, you won't be in that annoying "what are we? Things are chugging right along and then one day, out of the blue… The simple fact is: some guys aren’t looking for a serious relationship. A guy like this meets a fantastic woman, takes her out, and before he knows it, he’s meeting her parents. We all know, once you go apple picking (or any other very domesticated activity), it’s over. It’s so easy to look at yourself in the mirror and think that it was all your fault, that you should have seen all the red flags. But if you are at a time in your life when you are emotionally mature and ready for a real relationship, then you know that you need to leave your heart open to guys who are also open to those real relationships. Who are willing to invest themselves and their emotional energy into you.If he cools off when the relationship becomes harder to maintain, the relationship may be in trouble. A guy who is ready to get serious should look past your hang-ups and baggage.Just admitting you were wrong about something can give him the chance to accept it or look past it.

So how can you tell if a guy is ready to make you his girlfriend?

See whether his desire to provide for you kicks in by letting him be the man.

Making him feel special should perhaps result in him thinking about how grateful he is to have you.

Although men have a reputation for having phobias of commitment, many of them reach a point in their lives where they realize that they want to settle down with a person they love.

Don't spend all day wondering about whether your guy is prepared to take things to the next level.

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