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The problem for me would be that a lot of times shyness goes hand in hand with low self-esteem, which would be more of an issue for me.For example, if I were to tell a woman who I was with that she were attractive, and she were to respond with, "No I'm not", this could be seen as cute on occasion, but if it becomes an all-time thing, it just becomes draining to try and give compliments.

I had quite a few crushes, but was socially awkward and didn't get my first girlfriend until I was a freshman in college, first relationship lasted all of a month.Then i hear that they think its hot to fuck a shy girl, then i hear them complain later that shes not brave enough to try new things and has no experience in bed.I just want your honest opinion on whether the whole concept of dating a shy/socially anxious girl would be worth pursuing. But in some ways, I guess I also become the worst because I overthink every response to the point that it's actually weird and I'm typing and deleting like a socially inept freak. Then, there's the whole process of trying to craft yet another perfect message... But I wasn't sure if it was something guys go through, too. But when communicating with someone I have a ~crush~ on, I suddenly become the BEST texter — eagerly reading and responding to every message. Somehow, you have to convey all of this in one short message (that's not that a "hahaha ya i totally agree" has literally catapulted your heart into cartwheels and left you smiling like an idiot at your phone. Time to screenshot to a million friends to figure it out. As you can tell, I'm familiar with this stress as a woman.

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Point is, you have to go to where the people are if you want to meet people. And I think fear more than low self esteem would be the second part for me.