Groupwise sent folder not updating

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When in remote mode, you must manually synchronize the mailbox to push up sent items.

In cache mode, when you send mail, the Group Wise client automatically synchronizes with the online mailbox.

The following selections are available from the Accounts menu: The Accounts menu also appears when you are running in cache mode, but it generally does not appear when you're running in online mode.

NOTE You can see the Accounts option while running in online mode if your Group Wise administrator has enabled your account to store POP, IMAP, and News accounts in your online mailbox.

Now we finally have a new supported method of synchronizing our mobile devices with Groupwise.

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Very few functional differences exist between using Group Wise in remote mode and using Group Wise while logged in to the network (online mode).

Also, note that if you send a large file, synchronizing this file with the online mailbox may take several minutes. Busy Search is slightly different if you are in remote mode.For the most part, there is not much difference between using Group Wise remotely and using it on the network: You use the Address Book (and Address Selector) and send messages, create Calendar entries, and reply to and forward messages the same way.The only difference is that you need to connect to the master system to actually send messages.If you select Yes, your remote data and changes will be synchronized to the master mailbox, causing items to be removed, new messages and message replies to be sent to users, and so on.The Hit the road process is further described in the section called "Understanding Hit the Road" One of the most noticeable differences between Group Wise running in the standard network mode and Group Wise remote mode is a new menu item called Accounts.

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Best of all, it’s free to Group Wise 8, Novell Teaming, Novell Open Workgroup Suite and Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition customers with current maintenance.

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