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Gerard way dating

In his first release since a short two-track EP in 2016, "Baby, You're a Haunted House" is the angsty gothic bop we have been waiting for since our Hot Topic-wearing middle school days.Full of thrashing guitars and Way's pop-punk vocals, the head-banger confronts the sticky reality of how our personal demons can sabotage even the best relationships.After visiting New Zealand a few times in the past, Euringer and his wife, Claret, decided to leave their Los Angeles home and move to the other side of the world.“I totally think New Zealand is the most awesome place in the world,” he says.“It’s like a combination of San Francisco, New York City and Middle Earth.Aries Summit, New Jersey, United States Los Angeles, California, United States Gerard graduated from Belleville High School in Essex County, New Jersey in 1995.In 1999, he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from School of Visual Arts in New York City.10 (US) (via Twitter)He has not endorsed any of the brands until now. But, as an adult, he is still believed to be close to God.

However, he hasn't tweeted since June 2016, and it doesn't seem likely that he will make a return to the platform any time soon.As it happens, we asked Gerard about his old pal Frank while he was at Thought Bubble in our interview with the former MCR frontman.Earlier in the year Frank told us that the former members of MCR have a group chat but Alas...I'm sooo happy and I'm crying #Gerard Way #Frank Iero Au Pj1Ef SH — sofia shubina(@very_dark_orca) September 24, 2017 comic series.Turns out, Frank Iero (and his dashing new haircut) was also in town with his band The Patience on their UK tour, so the two decided to meet for a quick catch up and one lucky fan got an opportunity to get a photo with both of them.

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The two did have a bit of a fight on stage during a projekt rev tour.

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