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A colleague who installed water features on three of his projects in 2011 described Mc Arthur as more of a gardener, operating out of a little van with old tools.He said that Mc Arthur was always accompanied by an older white man, who appeared to be romantically involved with him, and a day labourer, usually of Southeast Asian or Middle Eastern descent.Most records and exhibits were destroyed in 2010, in compliance with Toronto Police Service (TPS) retention policy.The only surviving documents were the transcripts of the guilty plea and sentencing hearing, the psychiatric report and pre-sentencing report ordered during the trial, and pictures of the victim's injuries and the weapon.

By April 18, Mc Arthur had been charged with eight counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of missing men, most of whom had been linked to Church and Wellesley.The RCMP, throughout the late 1950s and the entirety of the 1960s, kept tabs on homosexuals and the patrons of gay bars in Ottawa and other cities.The force also worked with the FBI's own surveillance of homosexuals and alerted the FBI when a suspected homosexual had crossed the border to the United States." and "You're just like the rest of them, you think I'm crazy." A. Khan, a Toronto restaurant owner, remembered Mc Arthur as a friendly regular.Towards the end of 2013, Khan inquired when Mc Arthur came in alone instead of with his usual companion.

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