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Free sex chat watersports

Despite the primitiveness of her attire, the woman still radiated beauty. Read On Added: | Category: Watersports | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,621 | Tags: pee piss golden shower toilet wee urine leak | 1 Comment Wet excitement in the bedroom.

It would be a lie to say that I had not been turned-on by events of the day, after seeing my roommate Sandra have a wee in the open college grounds.

Read On Added: | Category: Watersports | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 2,533 | Tags: piss pee golden shower toilet urine wee leak | 4 Comments Laura's wet exploits in the jungle continue...

The woman beyond the undergrowth that shielded her from sight was possibly the most attractive person that Laura had ever seen.

The morning arrived, shafts of sunlight pressing in through gaps in the thick curtains. I had been dreaming of the ‘Kitty Litter’ and of a pressing need to return for another outdoor pee with other girls from the University.

The fact that the warrior woman’s armoured steel nipples were biting into her back was not helping matters. However, Suzanne was desperate for a pee and likewise the plumbing had yet to be commissioned.Dad was a CPA whose firm consulted for clients all over the country.He was gone a lot, but that was just part of life, and I'd become used to it. Read On Added: | Category: Watersports | Words: 1,914 | Tags: urophilia watersports stepmom stepson taboo | 11 Comments More naughty peeing leads to a startling event...Read On Added: | Category: Watersports | Avg Score: 4.8 | Words: 1,414 | Tags: piss pee watersports fantasy toilet golden shower wee | 3 Comments Golden showers on my first day...It was my first day at the university and the butterflies were dancing in my stomach as the coach pulled up outside the tall imposing building of the main university campus building.

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This left only one very obvious solution and that she would just have to pee over one of the old carpets.