File parsed but not updating carbon dating wrong

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File parsed but not updating

var microsoft = microsoft

And also you can load xml document into Xml Document and XPath to update xml files here is an example: "); //Create a new node and add it to the document.

TYPE: Process PATH/ITEMS: c:\Users\%USERNAME%\App Data\Local\Star Parse\runtime\jre\bin\Star EXEMPT FROM: On-Access Please make sure there is no antivirus/antispyware/firewall tool forcibly closing the connection after a certain period of time (may be even a network component outside your computer, e.g. Please send me a message for further investigation Under certain circumstances, especially when actively using overlays, the Star process may not be properly terminated when closing the Client.

The exact reason is being investigated, current workaround is to wait few seconds (up to 30) if possible, then closing the process manually if needed (although in extreme cases such action may result in a corrupted configuration).

If the "over-installation" fails for any reason, please backup your settings (see Star Parse files), remove the Star Parse directory manually and run a fresh install.

Possible symptoms: turns yellow, Star Parse is unable to find any current combat logs - please log into the game and verify your combat logging is set properly - see the Parsing chapter.

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If everything works correctly, it displays "three green ticks" and closes itself momentarily; otherwise refer to the Unable to launch section.

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