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Excel 2016 consolidating

Range Dim var Address Array As Variant Dim n Start Row, n End Row As Integer Dim str First Column, str Second Column As String Dim obj Dictionary As Object Dim n Row As Integer Dim obj New Workbook As Excel. Worksheet Dim var Items, var Values As Variant On Error Go To Error Handler Set obj Selected Range = Excel. Selection var Address Array = Split(obj Selected Range.

In Excel,you may always meet this problem, when you have a range of data which contains some duplicate entries, and now you want to combine the duplicate data and sum the corresponding values in another column, as following screenshots shown. Combine duplicate rows and sum the values with Consolidate function Combine duplicate rows and sum the values with VBA code Combine duplicate rows and sum the values with Kutools for Excel Combine corresponding rows based on duplicate values in another column with Kutools for Excel Kutools for Excel's Advanced Combibe Rows helps you to combine multiple duplicate rows into one record based on a key column, and it also can apply some calculations such as sum, average, count and so on for other columns. The Consolidate is a useful tool for us to consolidate multiple worksheets or rows in Excel, so with this function, we can also summarize multiple rows based on the duplicates. Click a cell where you want to locate the result in your current worksheet. See screenshot: Note: If the range do not have the header row, you need uncheck Top row from the Use labels in option. Address, Type:=8) Set Dic = Create Object("Scripting. Value For i = 1 To UBound(arr, 1) Dic(arr(i, 1)) = Dic(arr(i, 1)) arr(i, 2) Next Application. See screenshots: Sometimes, you want to combine the rows based on duplicate values in another column, the Advanced Combine Rows of Kutools for Excel also can do a favor for you, please do as follows: 1. Note: If you want to use this code, you’d better make a copy of the file to avoid destroying the data, and this code is only applied to two columns. And then select the column name you want to sum the values and click Calculate Sum or other calculations as you need. Click Ok to close dialog, then you can see the duplicates are combined and the corresponding data in another column are added up together. After finishing the settings, click OK, and the duplicates are combined and summed. The following VBA code also can help you consolidate duplicate rows in the worksheet, but at the same time, the original data will be destroyed, you need to backup a copy of the data. Hold down the ALT F11 keys, then it opens the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. Click Insert Sub Combine Rows() 'Update 20130829 Dim Work Rng As Range Dim Dic As Variant Dim arr As Variant On Error Resume Next x Title Id = "Kutoolsfor Excel" Set Work Rng = Application.

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Most likely, you'll want to pick a new column that's to the right of your other cells, but you don't have to. Type =B2&C2 into the formula bar where B2 and C2 are the addresses of the cells whose data you want to combine (it could be any two cells).