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In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps to create symbolic links so that you can sync any folder on your computer with your cloud service without moving it.Note that Google has a separate program called Backup and Sync that allows you to choose any folder(s) on your computer to backup to Google Drive, which I will explain below.

As you can see below, I have my One Drive folder on the left and a folder called One Drive Test inside C:\Test. We are creating a symbolic link (symlink) using the mklink command.

When you open a soft link to a folder, you will be redirected to the folder where the files are stored.

However, a hard link makes it appear as though the file or folder actually exists at the location of the symbolic link, and your applications won’t know any better.

You could move the original directory from C:\Program to D:\Stuff, and then create a symbolic link at C:\Program pointing to D:\Stuff.

When you relaunch the program, it will try to access its directory at C:\Program.

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Also, you can use any name you want for the folder.

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