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NGL, Debby and the Twenty One Pilots drummer seemed absolutely perfect together, but after dating for over a year, Josh Dun confirmed via Instagram that the two broke up.

The good news is, Debby and Josh rekindled their romance back in 2016 and are still dating to this day.

In fact, Sprouse just posted a picture nearly kissing Lili Reinhart on his Instagram account and it has fans losing their minds. Who wouldn't feel left out when their real-life brother, maybe real-life girlfriend, definite real-life friends, and onscreen love interest are all hanging out without them?

Elite Daily previously reached out to both Reinhart and Sprouse's teams for comment on their relationship status, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Building it with him, building in certainty, infinite in wonder. Feels like growing up and moving through life is just evolving through different types of complicated. My only simplicity, where the important things are clear and the other things aren’t that important. He’s a cold water awakening and a warm bed; he’s the place I can rest.

You might already be drawing the main connection between these two shows which is, of course, actor Cole Sprouse.

Immediately upon seeing the preview for the show, people were livid. Because the series seems to be centered around an overweight girl’s journey from being bullied to being loved and accepted once she sheds some weight, which is problematic for many reasons. If you need a refresher, take a look at these nine hotties Debby’s been linked to throughout her career: Although Jason Dolley and Debby never flat out confirmed their relationship, fans were pretty certain that there was something going on between the co-stars back in 2008.

There's a photo of Lili Reinhart and Debby Ryan chilling together like two regular ol' pals and it's giving Cole Sprouse fans LIFE! Sprouse and his twin brother Dylan are known for their roles as twin brothers Zack and Cody on the show he worked with actress Debby Ryan who played his onscreen girlfriend, Bailey Pickett.

Still, their short-lived romance is worth mentioning (even though it didn’t even last a total of five months).

According to co-stars never admitted to dating IRL, Deb and Jean-Luc Bilodeau spent some time getting cozy after the movie stopped filming.

And, while we’re at it, which stars has she even dated in the past?

Still, we’d love to know if the two were just hooking up at the time or if they were actually in an exclusive relationship, but honestly, if we haven’t found out the truth by now, we never will. very little is known about Debby’s former relationship with Sean Marquette other than the fact that the two briefly dated in 2009.

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t Yes she does have feelings for him, they actually are going out.

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