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I am very happy because I was accepted for admission to both universities I want to attend - University of Washington and in California. One is private and very expensive, but it would be in California where there are many opportunities and many people of all nationalities. It is called "O Allah, I ask You to show me what is best, through Your knowledge, and I ask You to empower me, through Your power, and I beg You to grant me Your tremendous favor, for You have power, while I am without power, and You have knowledge, while I am without knowledge, and You are the One who knows all things invisible.

: O Allah, if You know that this undertaking is in the best interests of my religion, my life in this world, and my life in the Hereafter, and can yield successful results in both the short term and the long term, then make it possible for me and make it easy for me, and then bless me in it.

Leave us a comment below if you agree of disagree with any of the awards or if you feel like we forgot one. Tebow won this Korkie, barely beating Mark Sanchez.

Which is why we are introducing the first annual Korkie Awards. This photo shoot helps to explain why Urban Meyer is so sad that he is leaving.

Get ready for a master class in guitar greatness because Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham is hitting the road for his 2008 Gift of Screws Tour.

The singer/songwriter will be touring behind an as yet untitled new album due for release late summer/early fall.

Not any faster than any other year (excluding leap years). Our blog has seen a lot of changes since January 1st.

Στις νότιες παρυφές του Νεραϊδοχωρίου (Βετερνίκ), στην αρχή ενός μονοπατιού που ανάλογα με την εποχή οδηγεί σε διαφορετικά μέρη…, πρόβαλε ένας σύντροφος στο ταξίδι του «απαλού ανέμου» που έδωσε στο χωριό το πρώτο του όνομα.I really have been extremely busy the past few months.As the weeks moved on and I didn't blog - hell I haven't even been reading other blogs - I found myself not really missing it. Maybe I'm just so sick of blogging about Crapmaster Bush and his house of sycophants. Give me Senators soliciting blumkins in public restrooms. I am very active in sports, outdoor activities and exercise, and flamenco dance class.He has been blessed with a beautiful voice for praising Allah, masha' Allah.

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With a lineup that includes Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, and Johnny Damon and a pitching rotation that includes C.