Dating the virgo man

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Dating the virgo man

The question is, can you handle this calm, cool, and collected thinker – even when he starts behaving more like a Mad Hatter in “Alice in Wonderland? The energies of Mercury can be sometimes cold, aloof, cool, unemotional, and yes … Those born under the Sign of Virgo and ruled by this planet enjoy scientific fields, learning, and research.The Virgo man might come across as very reserved or introverted and will sometimes seem excessively serious.Since the digestive system falls under the Rulership of this sign, the Virgo may find a struggle with maintaining balance in the digestive tract.A healthy diet and the regular use of probiotics may help eliminate some digestive issues.The Virgo man’s best companion is dependent upon which extreme he is presenting; sometimes he’s so shy and acting like a virgin-like wallflower, and other times he wants to drop the practicality and analytic hat for some good old fashion passion.Virgo Men like broadminded partners with a wide perspective and an open mindset.

It is the latter type of Virgo that would be perfect for staging homes for real estate sellers.Your Virgo man has a sharp mind, one with a serious eye for the smallest of details.However, you may have trouble trying to figure out how the Virgo man organizes his life because it can seem chaotic outwardly, but it is with a closer look you recognize the sheer genius of his organization tactics.At the same time and in the blink of an eye, the Virgo man can take a different look at reality and still make light of it while joking around.One thing’s for sure, the Virgo guy will keep you hopping, and if you want deep, intellectual conversations as your type of pillow talk, then the Virgo man is perfect for you!

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When you visit a Virgo’s home, you can expect everything to be organized down to the smallest detail. His eye for detail has everything organized into different piles, categories, values, and however he has decided to label them.

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