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Discussion can be about personal stories, treatment ideas, support for yourself or others, and ideas with how to deal with your own problems dealing with avoidant personality disorder. More about Av PD Difference Between Av PD and social anxiety More about Av PD and some resources Some ways to treat Av PD/Anxiety Uk This is a Discord for the Av PD community.It's a no pressure safe environment where you can feel free to chat or just lurk. Everyone is welcome, you don't need to have something specific to say and chat is casual.

I always thought he had social / generalized anxiety, but have come to believe that he may be struggling with Av PD.

do any of you guys obsess over people who either don't like you or have criticized you?

it's weird because i'll be totally indifferent/not really caring about a person who i am acquainted with, but if i find out they don't like me or they have said something mean about me to someone else -it's literally all i can think about, and the thoughts are so intrusive and intense that i will be around people doing something completely else and then boom- they just hit and my face contorts to like this weird cringe/embarassment/perplexed/sad look and/or i will verbally berate myself on reflex out loud this whole room of people is looking at me like did she just eat something bad or asking what i said under my breath/why am i calling them a 'dumbass' (if they heard me- even though i was referring to myself not them).. I then do this thing where I profusely text apologize to the person who caused the thoughts in the first place in order to get rid of them...

When I talk with the people from my university years (the only close friends I have) I always have a nagging feeling of regret, failure and envy.

Jobs and careers are an important part of peoples' identities but I don't feel like I have a secure professional identity. People around my who are my age or younger are buying houses, going to nice restaurants and traveling the world.

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